FC Boulder

Starting this fall, FC Boulder and BUILD Labs PT have partnered to deliver the BUILD Movement Performance Program (MPP) to the athletes of FC Boulder. The purpose of this program is to improve performance and reduce non-contact injuries of individual players by optimizing their movement strategies. Research shows that most soccer injuries occur due to non-contact forces during cutting and pivoting type movements. This is especially true with ACL tears. These injuries lead to long periods of recovery and sub optimal movement strategies limiting the long term development of athletes. Fortunately, programs across the country are seeing success in reducing non-contact injuries by changing athletes’ movement strategies. These programs have been shown to be most effective by giving each athlete individualized and focused attention.

Beginning this season, BUILD’s staff will initiate the Movement Performance Program by observing FC Boulder players perform two on field movement drills to gain insight into each athlete’s movement strategies. Athlete’s demonstrating poor movement strategies will be encouraged to undergo the Movement Performance Test (MPT) at BUILD Labs. This test includes using motion capture technology to identify the athlete’s level of movement deficiency. From this test, each athlete will be given a MTP packet including a detailed report outlining their effective and deficient movement strategies. Additionally, the packet will include staff recommendations on how to proceed with the programming needed to make meaningful improvements.

BUILD Sports Performance Lab and Physical Therapy is a locally owned, private practice in Louisville, CO that specializes in biomechanical analysis and sports performance. Their staff has over 20 years of experience providing physical therapy to a variety of athletic populations in the state of Colorado. Specifically, Dr. Larry Meyer and Dr. Robin Bodine have been performing running gait analysis and cycling analysis utilizing state of the art motion capture technology at their facility. Recently, BUILD hired Dr. Kevin Kirsch as their Sports Performance Specialist to assist with the development of the BUILD Movement Performance Program. Dr. Kirsch has an extensive background in strength and conditioning and soccer specifically having played competitively at the Division 1 level of the NCAA for Saint Joseph’s University.

Through their diverse background and advanced technology, BUILD is able to take movement analysis to the next level. The team at BUILD has created a program based on the principles established by the research of Dr. Chris Powers at the Movement Performance Institute to identify each athletes’ movement strategies. BUILD is committed for the next several years to helping empower the athletes of FC Boulder to have a successful and long athletic career by reducing injury risk and maximizing performance potential.

Please stay posted for more information and scheduling.